About Us

There are two primary objectives of the CDA:

(1) To assist low and moderate income residents of the Town of Islip through housing and public service programs; and
(2) to eliminate blighted and deteriorated conditions in the Town’s neighborhoods and commercial districts.


The traditional funding source for the Agency since its inception has been the Community Development Block Grant Program, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This is an entitlement grant currently in the range of $1,900,000 per year.  Funding has been increasing in recent years but is still significantly lower then previous federal grant appropriations.

The Agency also applies for and administers entitlement grants for two other HUD programs on behalf of the Town of Islip. They are: (1) The HOME Investment Partnership Program (approx. $650,000 per year); (2) the Emergency Solutions Grant Program (approx. $150,000 per year).


The Town of Islip Community Development Agency is a public benefit corporation which was created by New York State legislation in 1976 at the request of the Town of Islip. It functions as an “Urban Renewal Agency” under Articles 15, 15-A, and Section 633 of Article 15-B of the General Municipal Laws of the State of New York.  While it is an independent entity from the Town of Islip government, the Town Board appoints all members of the CDA Board of Directors and the Town Board annually directs the CDA to implement housing and community developments projects on behalf of the Town

Board of Directors

Debra Cavanagh


March 1, 2022

Jarett Gandolfo

January 31, 2019

Timothy Morris

March 31, 2023

Manuel Troche

September 30, 2024

Maria Vidal

December 31, 2025

Key Staff

Julia E. MacGibbon

Executive Director

Assistant Director

Robert T. Fuchs

General Counsel

Renee C. Sumpter

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin J. Crean

Affordable Housing and Project Development Director