Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have affordable housing?

Yes, we do. The CDA buys and renovates homes in the Town and sells them to qualified first-time homebuyers through lotteries. We also provide land to non-profit housing developers such as the Long Island Housing Partnership and Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk. Houses constructed on such land are sold to qualified first-time homebuyers as well.

Do you have a program to fund home repairs?

Yes, we do. You must be an owner-occupant, meet income and other guidelines and have the ability to repay us. If you qualify, we will evaluate the current condition of your home, bid the work to private contractors, and check the construction progress. Our loan terms can’t be beat: We charge no interest, and we discount the principal if you make all of your payments on time.

Are there waiting lists for these programs?

Unfortunately, yes. We only have enough resources for a set number of houses and rehabilitation jobs per year, and many people are interested. Our staff will estimate how long it will take for you to be assisted. Please note that we cannot skip people on the waiting list or qualification procedures to do “Emergency Repairs.”

Do you speak Spanish?

Se habla español. Yes. Two staff are fluent in Spanish, and can help you with any of our programs. We will also attempt to accommodate speakers of other languages.

Do you participate in the Suffolk County Downpayment Assistance Program?

No, but we do have wonderful affordable housing programs (see FAQ #1) and we also have an Employer Assisted Housing Program that includes downpayments.